Lion Electric Can help your firm with all your design-build needs…

Our extensive experience has allowed us to be involved in all facets of electrical work. Unfortunately,
design is the single most overlooked aspect of project cost. From time, to cost implications, let us help you
get the job done at a reasonable cost, and most importantly, ahead of schedule. From integral engineering & CAD design, to labor studies and overall cost and schedule implications. We can ensure that your project starts off on the path to success from the first step.

CAD Design

Our CAD Design team can visualize your design ideas. Using states of the art design software, we can show you how each portion of the job looks in both 2D & 3D renderings.


Design-Build takes our design teams ability and couples it with our field team’s prowess. Seamlessly communicating ideas and drawings from the office to the field, your project benefits from multiple efficiencies.